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Martins Little Friends Timothy Grass Hay

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Timothy Grass Hay is essential for the well-being ofyour pet and provides them with rich, long fiber necessary for a healthydigestive system and strong teeth . Hay should make up the largestpercentage of their diet and should always be available to them to eatand forage.
The remainder of their diet should consist of a qualitysmall pet food ration such as Martin little friends™ small pet foods.Treats, fresh leafy green vegetables and fruits can be offered inmoderation.

Small pets that consume hay include rabbits, guineapigs, chinchillas and degus. Small pets that nest and forage in hayinclude hamsters, gerbils, rats, mice, hedgehogs and ferrets.

Offerclean, dry hay freely for consumption, nesting and foraging. Ensurethat your pet always has access to fresh, clean hay. Remove any soiledor wet hay promptly and replace.

100 % All –Natural Premium Sun-Cured Timothy Grass Hay, Sunshine & Rain
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Martins Little Friends Timothy Grass Hay

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