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Whiskas Catmilk Plus

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This drink for cats gives your feline the creamy flavour of milk with 98% less lactose so it's gentle on sensitive stomachs. The calcium and high-quality proteins help strengthen teeth and bones. Treat your feline friend to a saucer full of the milk he or she craves with this WHISKAS CATMilk Drink for Cats & Kittens that is specially formulated to be gentle on sensitive stomachs with 98% reduced lactose. The calcium and high-quality proteins help give your kitty strong teeth and healthy bones, while allowing him or her to indulge in the milk he or she loves.

  • For cats
  • Specially formulated to be 98% lactose reduced to be easily digestible and gentle on sensitive stomachs
  • Contains calcium and high-quality proteins to help promote strong teeth
  • Treats your cat to the milk he or she craves
  • Ingredients: milk, water, nonfat dry milk, malt extract, trisodium phosphate, hydrogenated vegetable oil, guar gum, corn syrup solids, lactase, taurine, carrageenan, sodium caseinate, mono and diglycerides and dextrose
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Whiskas Catmilk Plus