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Whimzees Edible Dental Chew Toothbrush Package

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Product description

Whimzees Toothbrush dental chews are highly digestible, potato based, low in fat, high in fiber, contain no meat, no wheat, no chemical additives and are gluten-free.

Chewing on dog treats is a pleasurable and healthy activity that helps to clean teeth, control plaque, and freshen breath.  Dental hygiene is just as important to dogs as it is to humans, and dogs with pleasant-smelling breath are more likely to be played with and get the attention they deserve.  Moreover, having a clean mouth helps dogs to stay healthy, active and happy.

The unusual shapes and interesting color combinations make Paragon Dog Chews a pleasure to buy and to use.  Dog owners enjoy seeing the enthusiasm with which their dogs chew their edible treats and like the fact that these treats also promote good dental health.

This hedgehog shaped dog chew with very distinct features keeps dogs interested in chewing longer, enabling the many protrusions on the hedgehog shape to get right in-between the teeth to do a thorough cleaning and help control plaque.
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Whimzees Edible Dental Chew Toothbrush Package