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Earth Rated Eco-Friendly Lavender Scented Poop Bags

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For pet owners who love Earth Rated bags but prefer a fragrance-free option, this box of 120 unscented bags is a great refill pack and fits most standard-sized leash dispensers. These Earth Rated dog waste bags are bigger, thicker, tougher and totally leak-proof! Earth Rated products are the industry leader in terms of quality, and most of all, affordability. At Earth Rated, we don't leave out the littlest of details - even our rolls' cores and packaging are made from recycled content!


  • Extra long bags, 9 x 13 inches, so you or your sleeve never make unwanted contact
  • Big enough even for a Great Dane's pile
  • Unscented
  • Professional dog walker and dog pack tested
  • Comes in convenient small rolls and easily fits into all standard dispensers
  • Just a few cents a scoop

How do the biodegradable PoopBags break down?

  • The formulations speed up the disintegration process of the bags many hundreds of times faster than ordinary plastic bags.
  • The bags are completely broken apart into natural CO2 and H2O – carbon dioxide and water.
  • The manufacturing process does not harm the environment during production any more than any other biodegradable bags.
  • These biodegradable bags meet the eco-certification standard and are certified with the ASTM 5576 certificates.

What about compostable bags?

  • Corn based and made of 100% renewable resources; these PoopBags are for those scoopers who want to go uber green!
  • Made of all natural ingredients with no enhancements to speed up the decomposition process.
  • While these cost a few pennies more, they‟re made of 100% renewable resources and dissolve within only 40 days.
  • These compostable bags meet the gold eco-certification standard ASTM 6400, also known as US Compostable.
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Earth Rated Eco-Friendly Lavender Scented Poop Bags

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