Do any of the PetMax products contain WHEAT GLUTEN?
None of the PetMax products contain, or have ever contained WHEAT GLUTEN! We not only have refused to use wheat gluten, but we purity test each batch of PetMax product at a third party lab to ensure the health and safety of your pet!

Wheat gluten is a cheap filler which is used to bulk up dog foods, treats, and vitamin tablets. Sadly, many dogs have become sick or have died from wheat gluten tainted with MELAMINE (a plastic remnant)! This wheat gluten was traced to sources in China but unfortunately made its way into many products sold domestically. Please check all of your pet's products for wheat gluten (found in the ingredient listing, usually on the side of the product) and call the company to make sure their products have not been recalled, or to see if they have tested their product for purity.

What is Glucosamine?
Glucosamine is a compound that is normally found in your pets body (as well as your own!). Scientists prefer to call it a "modified sugar" because of its similarity to the structure of glucose, a simple sugar. Under normal dietary conditions a dog is able to make glucosamine within its body from a simple biochemical reaction. With the aid of some friendly natural enzymes (glucosamine synthase) it combines glucose with the amino acid glutamine and voila! ...Glucosamine.

Glucosamine is found throughout a dog's anatomy in places such as joints, eyes and anywhere bones come in contact with other bones. Its key role is to provide raw material for the production of compounds needed by your dog. Just like glucose is the basic molecule of starches and amino acids are the basic molecules of proteins, glucosamine is the basic molecule for the formation of the glycosaminoglycans and proteoglycans. These two compounds are important to the development of healthy connective tissue.

Proteoglycans, such as chondroitin sulfate, give connective tissue and joint articulations their characteristic smooth surface. Glycosaminoglycans make up a considerable amount of the lubricating fluid which enables joint movement. This enables the dog to move with more ease.

How does glucosamine work?
When cartilage becomes eroded or worn, bones become exposed to each other causing inflammation, pain and even stiffening of the joints. If this happens it becomes difficult for your pet to move. The presence of glucosamine prevents this from happening because glucosamine supplies the raw material necessary for your dog's body to build healthy, smooth and elastic joint cartilage.

Why does your pet need a glucosamine supplement?
Ideally your dog's body should be able to keep up with its internal glucosamine turnover. Unfortunately it doesn't. The daily wear and tear of cartilage in conjunction with the slow production of glucosamine puts your dogs glucosamine production in the RED. This means its body cannot keep up with the demand. The problem is made worse because the dog's diet may not contain enough or any usable glucosamine. Therefore; as your dog ages it will get slower and less mobile. This is apart from your dog being succeptible to degenerative conditions such as "hip dysplasia" which could lead to surgery. By increasing the amount of available glucosamine present in the diet, you are supplying your pet with the material it needs to make new connective tissue to repair damaged or worn cartilage.

Where does the glucosamine in HIP HEALTH and HEALTHY RECOVERY come from?
The glucosamine supplied in these products comes from crab shells, which are made of chitin. Chitin is a polymer of glucosamine that forms the hard outer skeleton of all insects and crustaceans.

Is HIP HEALTH a drug?
Absolutely not. HIP HEALTH is a nutraceutical - an all-natural supplement with therapeutic benefits. Its all-natural ingredients produce none of the side effects that are associated with the over-the-counter and prescription drugs.

How does HIP HEALTH work?
HIP HEALTH works by supplying your dog with the raw material and essential co-factors used to manufacture and repair cartilage tissue.

Why should my dog use HIP HEALTH?
As a dog ages the amount of connective tissue components made by their bodies is not enough to compensate for the amount lost daily. Furthermore, the highly-processed diets that we feed our dogs are deficient in some of the necessary compounds that help their bodies make new connective tissue. This fact, is compounded by the type of diets that we give our beloved petsin combination with the normal rate-limiting step of the formation of glucosamine, prevents your dog from maintaining optimal cartilage tissue health.

Which dogs should use HIP HEALTH?
Since all breeds of dogs are susceptible to degenerative joint disease (some more than others), all dogs can benefit from the powerful effects of HIP HEALTH. Conditions such as hip dysplasia, osteo-arthritis or joint stiffness associated with old age are signs that your dog may need HIP HEALTH to supplement their daily diet. As a matter of fact, the use of HIP HEALTH may be a good idea as a preventative measure against such conditions.

When will my dog show improvement?
Depending on the animals metabolism, lifestyle, severity of the condition and surroundings in which they live, HIP HEALTH may display improvements anywhere from 20-30 days.

Will my dog like the taste of HIP HEALTH?
YES! HIP HEALTH comes in a natural chicken liver flavored powder that even the most finicky eaters will enjoy. Try it by itself or sprinkled over food. Dogs love the chicken liver flavor!


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